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Múzeum kysuckej dediny.

Ethnographic exhibition in nature in Kysuce's Museum in Čadca is located in the valley Chmúra in the village Nová Bystrica, Vychylovka part, which is part of the protected landscape area of Kysuce.

Until 1981, when it was first made available part of the exhibition, 22 of total 69 planned buildings and objects of museum's nature exposition were built.

Ethnographic exhibition tries to reconstruct the residential landscape and environment, with the presentation of folk architecture and way of life and culture of the people in Kysuce in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century.

Most of the previously constructed exposure was transferred from now non-existing village Riečnica - log houses, farm buildings of settlements Rybovia, Do Potoka, which consist of dwelling-house with the stables, barn with cellar, sheep stall, but also dwelling-house with farm buildings - barn with sheep stall of former reeve Adam Poništa.

Historická lesná úvraťová železnica

Historical back swath railway (HLÚŽ) is an organic part of the Museum of Kysuce village in Nová Bystrica - Vychylovka. It is functionally conserved and restored part of the former Kysuce-Orava Forest Railway (KOLŽ), which was founded in 1926 by combining forest railways built in the year 1915 to 1918, Kysuca's - from Osčadnica into Chmúra (Nová Bystrica, part Vychylovka) and Orava's - from the Lokca to Erdútky (current Oravská Lesná).

Connection of the two railway lines was made by construction of connection railway from Erdútky into Chmúry. After the railway connection the total length of railway KOLŽ was more than 110 km, 61 km was the main railway and the rest were branches that were built, withdrawn, prolonged or shortened as needed by transport of gathered wood.


Located at the beginning of the village Radoľa, 500 m from the turn of the road č.75 (11) direction Vadičov. It is a Renaissance type of the yeoman settlement. The building has two floors, originally probably a fortified palisade wall, part of which is preserved. Character of manor gained in the 17th century extensive modifications of the original story tower hardship from the third quarter 16th century. After reconstruction in 1998, there are expositions of the Kysuca's Museum located in building.


Observatory provides events for visitors of his latest discoveries and knowledge of astronomy, familiarize them with its place in the context of humanitarian and scientific progress and its role as a frontier science to combine philosophy and science in one discipline. It allows visitors to directly participate in the observation of space objects and phenomena, and for the amateur astronomers it allows to creation of thescientific knowledge. With its professional observation it contributes to the acquisition of knowledge about the universe.